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Why you should choose Athena Bootcamp?

What you will learn on Athena Bootcamp?

Game Development

  • Develop game on web with Cocos Creator (Javascript & Server NodeJS)

  • Develop game on mobile with Unity3D (game Casual, game Puzzle, game Online)

  • Evaluate game quality through indicators

  • Advertising and marketing games

Game Design

  • Fundamentals of Game Design

  • Tips for Game Design & What skills does designer need?

  • Game mechanics and how to balance them& How to create epic entertainment experience?

  • What’s in player’s mind? & How to create game fast?

Selection & Hiring Process


17 Nov 2021 - 01 Dec 2021


01 Dec 2021 - 15 Dec 2021


15 Dec 2021- 31 Dec 2021


31 Dec 2021 & 04 Jan 2022

Game Mentor

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Mr. Canh Pham

  • LinkedIn

14 years of experience as a programmer with over 8+ years of experience in mobile game development. Mr. Canh is an expert in the construction of complex gaming architecture.

Mr. Canh is currently working as a Senior Game Developer at Athena Studio


Mr. Minh Le

  • LinkedIn

Working from 2003, Mr. Minh has 19 years of working experience with 16 years working in game industry with several roles: Lead Game Designer, Game Producer, Product Manager,...

Mr. Minh is currently working as a senior freelance User Experience Designer 

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Heard from Bootcamp Alumni


Tam Nguyen
Mobile Game Developer at Athena Studio

"This is a great & useful course for fresher who loves and has passion on the game development. I really appreciate this opportunity to learn & improve myself at Athena Studio"


Hoang Nguyen
Software Engineer at Athena Studio

"I experienced on Software fresher program at Athena Studio which helps me enhance my coding & programming skills, also I really enjoy the working environment"