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Performance Marketing Specialist

Location: Ho Chi Minh City
Employment Type: Fulltime

What You’ll Do

Skills & Abilities Needed

  • Grow our user base through profitable user acquisition channels by managing and optimizing user acquisition campaigns for our mobile apps and games

  • Constantly track and analyze results to identify optimization opportunities to increase CTR, conversion rate, new user volume, LTV, and ROI (A/B testing, targeting, creative performance, marketing messages, etc.)

  • Oversee the progress of integrating attribution analytics SDKs and take care of the dashboards to ensure marketing optimization decisions are driven by accurate and real data

  • Generate detailed spending, performance reports and be able to translate the data into the reports into actionable insights to present to internal stakeholders

  • Collaborate and work effectively with multiple internal teams (creative design, marketing, product)

  • Stay up to date on the latest industry trends, emerging marketing platforms and be capable of building strong relationships with them, especially international mobile advertising networks


  • Definition of metrics and their relationship in analyzing digital ad campaigns. (reach & impression, CTR, CVR, CPA, CPM,...)

  • Advanced concepts of UA. (retention rate, ARPU, ARPDAU, LTV, IPM, cohort, organic uplift, conversion events, attribution models, predictive models, monetization models, fraud detection...)

  • Fundamental concepts of Marketing. (marketing mix, marketing strategy, brand identity, funnel, user journey, A/B testing, cost model,...)

  • Fundamental concepts of Business. (profit margin, ROI, break-even point, ROAS, cash flow...)

  • Experience in creative production or marketing idea pitching. (brief process, idea proposal, concept, core messages, references,...)

  • Fundamental concepts of ASO. (visibility, conversion rate, store kit, keywords, search terms, popularity index, difficulty score, keyword value...)



  • Good at mathematics

  • Fluent in English (daily interactions with international partners)

  • Advanced Excel skills. (Pivot, Query, Index & Match, Vlookup, Hlookup,...)

  • Experience in setting up and optimizing campaigns on Facebook Ads & Google Ads or other ad networks

  • Experience in using marketing tools. (Google keyword planner, Google analytics, Appsflyer, Firebase, Appannie, Facebook analytics...)

  • Experience in using project management tools & frameworks. (Trello, Asana, Jira, Scrum, Kanban,...)

  • Experience in using tools to analyze data. (Google Sheet, Data Studio, Power BI,...) - Basic SQL or Python skills



  • Logic & analytical thinking

  • Self-learning new things via the internet

  • Manage to deliver results in a timely manner

  • Creative and independent in problem-solving



  • Data-driven mindset

  • Carefulness and detail-oriented

  • Eager to learn and ready to apply new knowledge/skills

  • Optimize an automation mindset

  • Passionate in the gaming industry and digital marketing

  • Highly self-motivation and self-management

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